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Hello, I am El-Aaminah, a Life Coach dedicated to helpers others through not only difficult stressful and debilitating times in life but also here to celebrate the achievements and joys of life with you.

My coaching journey started very early in my life because I had a natural niche for helping others through tough times in their lives. It helped me to be a help others.

My Life Coaching catapulted into a true passion and a career after experiencing a major life-altering calamity in the winter of 2014. This ordeal completely uprooted everything I worked so hard to establish and maintain in my life.

My family became splintered resulting in the demise of my 16-year marriage. The career that I loved so much had come to streaking halt. I was no longer able to work in primary field. My physical and emotional stability was went from “ability to disability” due to this harrowing event.

I found myself in very devastating place mentally and emotionally which landed me into intensive psychotherapy for the second time in my life.

After overcoming the hurdles of adjusting to a new life with disabilities and life as I knew it I realized where I was most needed. I went to school and obtained an ICF certification (International Coach Federation) and made Life Coaching my LIFE.

By 2020, I had a handful of “flagship” clients, some from my very early years coaching.

From there my helping services grew into a career. Today I have a thriving coaching business, where I work diligently in empowering, encouraging, uplifting, and enlightening us all to a better way of existing.


Completely Level-Up Your Life

I believe that a holistic approach to coaching is the best way to achieve lasting results. That I why, I look at the whole person, including their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Then, I tailor my coaching approach to each individual client. I am fully committed to helping you reach your full potential in:

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Your Partner in Personal Transformation

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ICF-Certified Coaching

Certified coach ensures you receive professional support.

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Proven Success

Hundreds were coached, and goals were achieved.

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Customized Approach

Tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.


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