The LIFE-CHANGING FREE WORKBOOK for Discovering Your True Authentic Self and Paving the Path to Become Your Bravest, Most Brilliant Version

This Profound, Insightful Workbook Will Take You on an Immersive Journey of Self-Discovery and Self-Actualization

It will provide a clear, actionable roadmap for deeply connecting with your authenticity. It will help in uncovering your inspired purpose, and creating a concrete vision and plan to confidently embody and become the extraordinary person you’ve always dreamed of being.

Why This Workbook is an Absolutely Essential Guide

  • Boldly redefine your self-identity by shedding limiting beliefs, stories, and patterns that confine you.
  • Excavate your core values, innate gifts, natural talents, and experiences that deeply inspire you.
  • Gain crystal clear clarity on your higher life’s purpose and the meaningful, empowered legacy you’re meant to create.
  • Develop a personalized, step-by-step plan for achieving the personal fulfillment, growth, and success you deserve.
  • Unleash and continually nurture the authentic, brave, radiant version of your highest, truest self.

Profound Transformational Insights & Strategies Explored

Values Excavation

Discover your core principles to realign and anchor your life.

Finding Your "Why"

Uncover the experiences that ignited your passion for living.

Visions and Goals Blueprint

Define your idealized self while reverse-engineering goals.

Growth Mindset Mastery

Reprogram self-limiting beliefs for unshakable self-trust and possibility.

SMART Planning Methods

Structure clearly defined, achievable plans for making your vision a reality.

Fear Dismantling Techniques

Conquer the doubts, anxieties, and hesitancies holding you trapped.

Why We Created This Powerful Journey Inward

About Your Mindset Coach: Aaminah Bint Shahid

Aaminah Bint Shahid is a world-renowned life mastery coach, consultant and founder of Haqq Life Solutions. For over 10 years, she has guided thousands of individuals to reclaim their power, break through limiting beliefs, and create lives of purpose, resilience and prosperity.

With her intuitive gifts and a warm yet direct approach, Aaminah swiftly pinpoints core issues keeping people stuck and provides transformative insights that awaken profound personal growth. Her pioneering coaching programs blend mindset psychology, emotional intelligence, and spiritual principles.

Aaminah’s passion is empowering others to cultivate self-awareness, conquer fears, heal from trauma and past conditioning, and live authentically in alignment with their highest selves. Her own journey transcending narcissistic abuse and societal conditioning birthed a calling to develop life-changing transformation tools and experiences. Clients rave about Aaminah’s ability to spark lasting mindset shifts and real-world results.


Don't Let Another Day Go By Feeling Disconnected From Your Power, Stuck In Patterns Misaligned With Your Purpose, Or Plagued By Doubt About Your Greatness.

Get this self-discovery and self-actualization workbook now to gain powerful clarity on your true self and the next steps for continually growing into the bravest, most brilliant, extraordinary version of you.

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